About Me

I’ve been writing software since the late 1980s, mostly for desktops and the web.  C++, the .NET family (C#, ASP, VB, Asp.net MVC, .Net Core), Java, XML and XSLT, assembler (Z80, x86, x64), a host of scripting languages (Perl, Python, shell scripts such as Bash, zsh and PowerShell) and a wide variety of web-related technologies (CSS, JSON, templating, and a few Javascript frameworks).  Current operating systems are Windows 10, macOS and Linux (mostly Debian-based flavors like Kali, Ubuntu and Mint).  Databases include MS SQL Server and MySQL; web/app servers include Apache, IIS, Tomcat, JBoss and Jetty. And finally, of course, Git and GitHub.

My current research involves AWS technologies, NoSQL databases, DSP and CoreAudio, and the pen tools included with Kali Linux.

I have a wide range of interests and anticipate posts on many of them: the technologies mentioned above, math and science, books, music, cooking and travel.  I may even throw in a few posts about the New York Football Giants, golf and my pathetic attempt to play jazz piano.